mine runner

mining support vehicle

BTI has produced a new Multi-Platform mining support vehicle built for the mining environment. The fluid-controlled power train (Hydraulic Wheel Drive Technology) offers a myriad of benefits including :

-Main components consist of: engine, pump, wheel motors, speed sensors, smart drive & MD3 IQAN processor

-Ensures diesel engine operates within optimal power band

-Optimized power delivery, independent to each wheel-increases efficiency & trams faster

-Increased traction on steep/wet grades, improves tire life and reduces cost

-Parabolic leaf springs and shock absorbers for a smooth ride

-Latest clean tech engine

-No torque converter, transmission, drive shafts or u-joints to damage

-12" ground clearance and 7+" suspension travel navigates rough terrain with ease

-Personnel carrier is ROPS/FOPS optional

Also available as Maintenance/Mechanics Vehicle, Fuel/Lube Vehicle, Crane/Scissor Lift, or Telescopic Aerial Boom. Click on our Mine Runner brochure for more detailed information and specifications.

Shotcrete Transmix Vehicle

BTI Mine Runner PDF

BTI Mine Runner Highlights PDF