Drilling Fluids



  • Granular seal/plug agent - 50lb bag
  • Coarse ground, non drilling mud grade bentonite
  • Ideal for sealing and grouting well casings, earthen structures and retention ponds
  • Can be applied directly on water surface
  • NSF certified for water well use
  • MSDS (PDF 78KB)


  • Horizontal and Directional Boring Fluid Systems - 50 lb bag
  • A single-sack, drilling fluid system and processed from premium grade, finely ground Wyoming bentonite
  • When mixed with fresh water Bore-Gel develops an easy to pump slurry with superior lubrication and cuttings removal properties
  • MSDS (PDF 78KB)

EZ Seal

  • Earthen Grouting and Sealing Material - 50 lb bag
  • EZ-Seal is a one-sack, easily mixed granular bentonite
  • Intended for use as a grouting and plugging material
  • MSDS (PDF 44KB)


  • Graded Bentonite - 50 lb bag
  • Hole Plug is graded, naturally occurring bentonite clay, it is a high-swelling sodium-based Wyoming bentonite (montmorillonite) which has the specific characteristic of swelling in fresh water
  • It is used to seal and plug drilled holes and is NSF certified for water well use
  • MSDS (PDF 79KB)

Quik Gel

  • High Yield Bentonite - 50 lb bag
  • Quik-Gel is a finely ground, premium-grade, sodium based bentonite
  • It is specially processed to promote ease of mixing and to provide superior mud making qualities when mixed with fresh water
  • It is used as a drilling fluid, lubrication for micro-tunneling, or slurry trench cutoff material and is NSF certified for water well use
  • MSDS (PDF 79KB)

Quik Grout

  • Borehole Grouting and Plugging Material - 50 lb bag
  • Quik-Grout is an easy to use bentonite based grouting composition containing high-yield sodium montmorillonite clay
  • It is designed for use in water wells, monitoring wells, for sealing the annular space around a well casing and for plugging drilled holes and abandoned wells
  • MSDS (PDF 80KB)