Drilling Fluids


EZ Mud Plus

  • Polymer Emulsion - 5 US gallon pail (20 liter)
  • EZ Mud Plus can be added to low-solids drilling fluids to increase fluid viscosity, and can also be used to improve the carrying capacity of air/foam injection fluids formulated with Quik Gel
  • EZ Mud Plus is a liquid polymer emulsion containing partially hydrolyzed polycryamide/polyacrylate (PHPA) copolymer
  • Used primarily as a borehole stabilizer to prevent reactive shales and clays from swelling and sloughing into the hole
  • MSDS (PDF 40KB)

Quik Foam

  • Rapid Acting Foaming Agent - 20 liter pail
  • Quik-Foam foaming agent is a biodegradable liquid mixture of anionic surfactants
  • Added to fresh, hard, or salty water for air drilling applications
  • MSDS (PDF 41KB)

Quik Trol

  • Quik Trol Organic Polymer - 10 x 1-kg bags per case
  • It is an organic polymer which is a white, granular, non-fermenting powder that forms a clear, colloidal drilling solution in fresh or salty water
  • MSDS (PDF 39KB)