Ultra-Stick Shotcrete
Dry Application


Ultra-Stick Shotcrete dry is a pre-blended, accelerated dry shotcrete containing carefully selected components. Ultra-Stick Shotcrete has greatly enhanced shooting characteristics and physical properties.


In the dry process, Ultra-Stick Shotcrete is pneumatically conveyed dry or predampened through an Aliva dry machine or a Thiessen Team Predampener and water is added at the nozzle. The shotcrete impacts the surface at high velocity resulting in a well compacted, high quality shotcrete with excellent bond. Some common uses include:

  • Slope stabilization
  • Initial and secondary tunnel support
  • Structural linings
  • Concrete rehabilitation

Ultra-Stick Shotcrete Dry may be used in combination with steel fiber or poly fiber reinforcement (in super sacks only) to enhance load carrying capacity and with non-caustic shotcrete accelerators to provide high strengths and fast set times. It can be blended to meet ACI 506 gradation #1 or #2.


Stickiness: Bagged Ultra-Stick Shotcrete has vastly improved cohesion characteristics compared to conventional shotcrete. This stickiness saves time and money because:

  • Sagging and sloughing are eliminated
  • Thick layers can be applied in a single pass in both the vertical and overhead orientations. This increase shooting efficiency. Passing over work two or three times to achieve a certain thickness is no longer required
  • Bagged product has the admixtures including fiber already in the mix.
  • Ultra-Stick Dry Application requires lower equipment start-up costs.
Technical Data Test Method MPa PSI
Test CAN3-A23-1 4C
Compressive Strengths      
1 Day   10 1,500
7 Day   20 3,000
28 Day   30 4,500
First Crack Flexural Strength ASTM 1018 6.8 986
Boiled Absorption ASTM C842 5%  
Volume of Permeable Voids ASTM C842 14%  
Toughness (10lbs.GSF/yd3) ASTM 1018 1 - 5 3.5  
    1 - 10 5.0  
Set Times ASTM C403 Initial set 10 Minutes
(3% accelerator)   Final set 15 minutes  
Freeze / Thaw Resistance ASTM C555
Acceptable 80%
Shotcrete 95%      
Rebound Consultant's Test Vertical 12%
Overhead 20%

Ultra-Stick Shotcrete (PDF 176KB)