Bagged Shotcrete

Ultra-Stick Shotcrete dry is a pre-blended, accelerated dry shotcrete, manufactured from high-quality, carefully selected components. Ultra-Stick Shotcrete has greatly enhanced shooting characteristics and physical properties.

In order to ensure excellent product quality and consistency, all of our materials are produced under the guidance of our in-depth Quality Assurance/Quality Control Program. The sand and aggregate materials are sampled and tested and mill certifications are reviewed prior to production.

Our sands and aggregates are thoroughly dried, then mixed with powders and admixtures in precise quantities to accurately formulate the required shotcrete mix design. This dry, pre-blended mixture is then placed in reinforced 1 cubic yard or ½ cubic yard bags and wrapped in waterproofing plastic to protect against moisture. The bagged shotcrete is then placed on pallets for easy transportation to the job site. We supply bagged shotcrete to customers in Nevada, Montana, Utah, Washington, Idaho, Alaska and many other locations.

Thiessen Team produces two base mix designs for shotcrete application which can be customized to meet your requirements:

Ultra-Stick Shotcrete - Dry Application

Ultra-Stick Hybrid Shotcrete - Wet Application

Thiessen Team has been producing shotcrete, concrete and grouting products for the last 30 years.