Thiessen Team produces a base mix design:

Standard Concrete Mix — "Betty Crocker"


Standard Concrete is a pre-mixed, bagged product consisting of accurately weighed Portland cement, admixtures and specially graded coarse and fine aggregates. With the addition of water, thorough mixing, proper consolidation, finishing and curing, a quality concrete suitable for a variety of uses will be produced.

Typical properties

When mixed to a slump of approximately 75 mm (3 in) and adequately cured, Standard Concrete will develop compressive strengths of 21 MPa (3,000 PSI) or more in 28 days.


Available in 1 yard3, shrink wrap protected, or 1/2 yard3, shrink wrap protected Supersacks. Both bagged products are on 42" x 42" heavy duty timber pallet. Product is also available in Thiessen Team bulk delivery (13yd3 trailers).

Optional Properties

Strengths up to 40MPa (6000PSI)

Admixtures that can be pre-blended into product:

  • Air Entrainment (provides freeze/thaw resistance)
  • Superplastercizer
  • Accelerator
  • Fiber reinforcement Sulphate resistant or acid resistant Standard

Standard Concrete Mix (PDF 117KB)
MSDS Download (PDF 50KB)