Raise lining

Thiessen Team has been robotically lining raise bore holes with our specially designed shotcrete for over a decade, and have refined the process to make it the most effective and cost efficient means of supporting raisebore holes. After completing in excess of two-hundred and fifty raise linings, we are the industry leader!

Our state-of-the-art equipment not only allows us to evenly apply a specific thickness of shotcrete to the raise, it also makes it possible to address any bad ground issues that may exist.

Thiessen Team uses raise specific shotcrete to meet the criteria for the following raises: ventilation, muck passes, escape-ways and stope accesses.

While Thiessen Team has been successful in stabilizing and supporting older raises that have failed or are rapidly deteriorating, we have found that it is more cost efficient to shotcrete raises while they are still round and fresh.

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