Shotcrete, Concrete & Grout Accessories

Wet Application

Thiessen Team has a full range of Wet Application accessories available:


  • Clamp on (2" HD) shotcrete nozzle body and shotcrete nozzle tip (blue) for wet shotcrete hoses. This nozzle body has an air ring and also is also available with an optional accelerator in-feed.
  • Shotcrete nozzle to clamp on to delivery hoses for hand held applications are also available.


  • Stock lengths of 10', 20' and 25' shotcrete hose; custom lengths are also available.
  • HD swaged ends.
  • Fabric or steel braid.
  • Anti kink spring option.
  • Long lasting to meet the most rigorous conditions.


  • 2" HD, 3" HD adjustable, 4" HD adjustable, 5" HD and 6" HD.
  • Gaskets for all these claps also available.


  • 2", 3", 4" pipe diameters available. These concrete / shotcrete delivery pipes have HD ends welded on. The weld-on ends are also available individually.


  • Sizes and radius' range from 5" diameter down to 2" diameter (90 deg, 45 deg, 22.5 deg and 11 deg offset).
  • Reducing elbow and straight reducers (5" to 4", 4" to 3", 3" to 2").

Clean Out

  • Rabbits and clean out sponge balls. Stock sizes from 5", 4", 3" and 2".

Form Oil

  • Available in 275 gallon tote. Reduces concrete/shotcrete adhesion to application equipment surfaces.