Thiessen Cellular Concrete


Thiessen Team Cellular Concrete (TCC) is a low density, cellular concrete - an effective combination of Geofoam Liquid Concentrate (Cellular Concrete Solutions) and Thiessen Team Cement Slurry. We focus on providing solutions to challenging problems, offering technical and application support, and customizing Thiessen Cellular Concrete to meet your specific requirements.

Cellular concrete is produced by the substitution of a uniform cellular structure of air cells (voids) for some or all of the aggregate particles found in standard concretes. Precise volume management of these air cells, produced mechanically by means of special foam liquid concentrates, results in controlled density over a broad range of applications.

The product itself is an engineered geotechnical material coating uniformly distributed air voids. In its rigid form, it can be thought of as concrete having air as the aggregate. Its density can be varied from 20 to 120 lb/ft cubic and its compressive strength can range from 20 to 3000 psi.

Mix On Site

Thiessen Team Cellular Concrete (TCC) can be produced quickly and easily on site by mixing a preformed foam having the consistency of shaving cream into Thiessen Team Cement Slurry. The combination can withstand vigorous mixing and can be pumped long distances with little loss of cellular structure. It can be installed at rates up to 100yds cubic / hour., has excellent workability, and typically sets in the same time as normal concrete (accelerator can be included in the cement slurry for faster set times).

The combination of Geofoam Liquid Concentrate, water, and compressed air is produced continually or in batches by a foam generator, calibrated to produce the right amount of foam for the density required. The foam is the last ingredient to be added to the mixer and does not expand or contract after addition. The cement paste, which coats the bubbles and fills the spaces between them, stabilizes the foam as it hardens.


  • Void
  • Back-fill
  • CavitiesM
  • Paste-fill
  • Diamond drill hole fill
  • Steelcan encasement
  • Tailings Transfer Medium (ie: exploration, diamond drilling)

Geofoam Non Pervious MSDS (PDF 192KB)

Thiessen Cellular Concrete Brochure (PDF 65KB)

Thiessen Cellular Concrete Specification Sheet (PDF 90KB)