ToughEye rugged self cleaning cameras, enabling continuous clear vision with zero maintenance.

Self-cleaning cameras designed for the mining industry. Our patented technology clearly sees through abrasive dust, bitumen, mud, oil, potash and more without the use of wipers, water, detergents or compressed air. Crystal clear vision, complete reliability, simple to install, maintenance free!

Applications for drills, mobile surface and underground equipment, material handling equipment and transfer points, and remote controlled equipment.

ToughEye-1700 Self Cleaning Camera

Our compact self cleaning camera, specifically designed for constrained space applications. Unparalleled situational awareness and visibility of fixed and mobile equipment.

tougheye-1700 tougheye-1700
Improve safety, reduce downtime.
Continuous visibility for remote monitoring.
Optimized vantage point in extreme dust.
Self-Cleaning without interruption of view.
Built tough to endure impact, vibration, shock.

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ToughEye-3100 Self Cleaning Camera with retractable lens

Robust self cleaning camera with a retractable lens to increase survivability. Hazardous location certified; Class I, Div 2, and Class II, Div 1 explosive dust and gas environments.

tougheye-3100 tougheye-3100
Zero maintenance, self-sufficient
Size-restricted applications
Highly-corrosive environments
Extreme temperatures
Uses existing cabling (PoE+)

TE-3100 boasts an extremely rugged one-piece construction. Easy installation- connect to power and data, and walk away. Once installed, the camera will self-clean unassisted for years. Eliminates the need for production stoppages, or working in confined spaces/heights to clean or maintain cameras.

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