Shotcrete Transmix Vehicle

Shotcrete Transport Vehicle

BTI's SCT Series Shotcrete Transport Vehicle is a heavy duty, low profile vehicle specifically designed for shotcrete transmix / shotcrete remix operations in underground applications.

  • Bi-directional drum rotation
  • Internal Drum flutes - allowing for material discharge without tilting (ideal for low profile applications)
  • Oval Loading Hatch(s)
  • High Load Capacity Bearings and Rollers
  • Different carrier sizes designed to fit inside of your heading dimensions.
  • 3, 4, 5 and 6 cubic meter barrels to suit your load requirements.
  • plus many, many more features and extras available...

Shotcrete Transmix Vehicle

Shotcrete Transmix Vehicle Brochure (PDF 285KB)

Shotcrete Transmixer LP12 Specifications (PDF 1,011KB)

Shotcrete Transmixer LP15 Specifications (PDF 3,712KB)